Looming Over Me

For at least 10 years (I’m ashamed to say), I have had my Dundas table loom in hibernation.  It was stored in the basement – under the stairs – but is now seeing some daylight and helping me create some exciting fabric.  At least, it’s exciting to me.  I wove on this loom once when my husband gave it to me.  I made a placemat for my Mom.  Yes, just one placemat.  I didn’t know what I was doing and the process seemed so confusing to me.

Many thanks to Marilyn Harrington who teaches weaving classes at the Art League in Old Towne Alexandria and the Lorton Workhouse.  I am taking her Introduction to 4-Shaft Weaving and having a great time.  She’s very patient.  And another thing I love about her is that she’ll show me how to do something and then let me do it.  I learn better by doing, as I think most people do.  But there are some teachers who will insist on taking over your project.  Not Marilyn!  She’s great!

I’m so excited!  I am weaving now!  Here’s my loom, correctly warped with a bit of weaving already started.  I’m working on twills – that’s the weave of jeans.  It has a diagonal pattern.

weaving 3  Dundas 4-Shaft Table Loom


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