Ready to PLY

ImageI was surprised and delighted to find out (where have I been?!) that a new handspinning magazine has hit newsstands!  I let my fingers fly at my computer to find out more.

PLY is the brain child of Jacey Boggs (of Spin Art fame) and startup money was raised at in December and January.  For more about PLY, check out this fantastic interview with Jacey Boggs at SpinArtiste.

The first issues were available in June!  I’m already late!  If you have a copy, let me know what you think of it.

I have subscribed to Spin Off magazine for many years and didn’t waste any time signing up for the first issue of PLY.  There’s always more to learn.  My first issue will be arriving soon!

Just think, another source for fun and informative handspinning techniques!  One that will challenge my brain and my creativity.

Time to dust off the wheels.  Mine have been neglected for a couple of months while I was in weaving mode.


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