Bob’s Back!

My family and I have Olympic fever.  We can’t get enough.

The Winter Olympics have always been my personal favorite.  I remember going snow skiing with my Dad every winter when I was a kid and I think those experiences helped me appreciate the difficulty of the downhill skiers.  But I enjoy the snowboarding, luge, figure skating, ice dancing, and speed skating too.

The appeal for me goes way beyond the skill of each sport.  It’s about the hard work and dedication of the athletes.  It’s about overcoming obstacles with mental and physical strength.

I’ve startled my husband (who may be dozing on the sofa) many times with my outbursts of surprise or cheering on the athletes.  So much drama!

Bob Costas will be back covering the Sochi Olympics tomorrow

           Bob Costas covering the Sochi Olympics

This year, something or someone has been missing.  Bob!  I always look forward to Bob Costas’ Olympic commentary.  He was there for a couple of days and then gone for a week; an eye infection that made it hard for him to continue working being the culprit.  Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira tried to fill in, but I miss Bob.  It’s just not the same without him.  The news came tonight that I’ve been waiting for.

Bob will be back tomorrow!   Booya!


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