Florals of all types are lovely, but roses are special to me.  My husband gave me the pink bouquet for Valentine’s Day.  This year, organic ones from Whole Foods!  I really enjoy cutting off the stems and placing them in a vase myself.

Some tips for arranging your special cut flower bouquet… Cut the stems under water so that there are no air pockets to block the take up of moisture and nutrients.  Sprinkle fresh flower food into warm water and stir until dissolved.  No flower food?  No worries.  Sprite® or a little sugar will work.  You can also put a couple drops of bleach in the water to inhibit the growth of bacteria.  Change the water every day.  Ideally, give the stems a fresh cut before replacing them.

I make it a point to place the bouquet where I will walk by it frequently – so I can stop and smell the roses, of course!

photo copy 4                                       photo copy 3

The yellow roses were spotted bursting with sunshine in the Smithsonian Castle garden (facing The National Mall).  I kept stopping to take photos of all of them.  I had to run to catch up to the rest of my family!


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