Knit a Bit

I enjoy knitting so much that I find myself working on some sort of knitting project almost every day.

photo copy 14

Here’s a tiny sample sock I knit from a class I took at Fibre Space.  Brenda Dayne, of the Cast-On podcast, was in town teaching her Sherman Toe Up Sock class.  I’ve listened to her podcast for a few years and couldn’t pass up the chance to meet her and learn a new technique!

It was great fun.  I prefer working my socks with dpns (double-pointed needles) and have taken to this method of working the toe and heel – it’s the same concept for both!  So, once you’ve got the toe down, the heel is no problem.

Several pairs of these socks (but much larger!) were made as presents last year.  I’ve taken a break from sock knitting, but have plenty of other crafty projects on my plate.


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